11 Dec 2012

Use Notepad as your Personal Diary

Personally I don’t use Personal Dairy. But I centrally need a place to write some of my important notes and dates etc..

So one of my friend told me this simple trick to use Note Pad as my personal Dairy. Sounds weird but works for me..

Here how it is works.

1.    Firstly open a blank Notepad file.

2.    Now write .LOG as the first line in the file, and then press enter. Now save the file with any name and close it.

3.    Now open the file and you will find that the current date and time has been
appended at the end and the cursor is in the next line.

4.    Type your notes and then save and close the file.

5.    Each time you open the file, Notepad repeats the process, that is it appends the date and time to the end of the file and places the cursor below it.

Hope this Dairy will be help full to you also..

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