27 Mar 2013

IDM Error - Permission Denied. Please check your firewall settings

For Advanced Users: (Simple explaination)
Add an exception to IDM in AVG  Firewall
For step by step procedure follow the following steps

This post is about another IDM Error ..” Permission Denied. Please check your firewall settings and ensure that IDM has permits to access the Internet. Details: Cannot connect r17---maa03s08.c.youtube.com:80 ”.

I have seen this error first time and came to know the solution very easily. Because this IDM Error is coming since I removed my Avast Anty Virus and Installed AVG Internet Security 2013.

To get rid of this error we have to simply turn off the AVG Anty Virus Firewall which is not good for your System Security.

That's why we add firewall exception for IDM software only.
To Add exception for IDM in AVG firewall Click on Firewall on the interface of AVG.
Go to Change option on Firewall Mode:
Go to Applications>>and click on Add to add Internet Download Manager Path.
Add path of the program (usually available in C: Program Files) using browse button. Name will appear automatically and you can leave Description as blank. Click on Create.

If the Application Access showing as Allow click OK.

Note: If you are not using some other instead of AVG You can try the same procedure to resolve the error.

Ad-Free Browsing with Add Blocker Plus

We can understand that every website needs advertising to survive. Some of them like Facebook provide clean ads, whereas some of the sites including YouTube are encouraging non standard porn advertisings & pop-ups.

If you frustrated of these annoying commercials, adds & pop-ups then it is time to installed Add Blocker Plus for Chrome and Firefox.

How Add Blocker Works? 

The hard work of this application is actually done by Gecko, the engine on which Firefox, Thunderbird and other applications are built. It allows "content Policies" a simple JavaScript (or C++) objects that gets whenever the browser needs to load something. It can then looks at the address that should be loaded and some other data and decides whether it should be allowed. There are a number of built-in content policies and any extension can register one. So all that Add Blocker has to do is to register its content policy. Other than that there is only application logic to decide which addresses to block and user interface code to allow configure of filters.

  • Completely Free & Secured Browsing
  • You can view any site without a single advertising or Popup.
  • Add Blocker Plus is much more advanced and it also prevents flash player advertisings such as video commercials on YouTube.
  • Compatible with download software like IDM
  • Applicable for every website and bloggers

Installing Add Blocker Plus to Chrome & Firefox:

For Chrome:

Installation is very simple as it is just an extension on our browsers.
Open to Add Blocker Plus for Chrome and click Add to Chrome.

That’s it Add Blocker Plus is added to your Chrome browser.

For Firefox: 

This is also much similar to chrome extension.
Open Mozilla Add-ons and click on Add to Firefox button. Click on Allow if Firefox asks for any confirmation. After a few seconds of download install the extension.

Your Firefox is also ready for Add Blocker extension use.

Note: Although the extension if completely free, in both of the cases you may promoted to contribute some funds for development. You can ignore if you don’t want to.

Feel the Difference:

Let me show you some of the websites before and after Add Blocker.

        Before Add Blocker                                             After Add Blocker

           Before Add Blocker                                              After Add Blocker

Request: Don't keep the this extension only with you, share with your friends and let them enjoy the add free browsing

24 Mar 2013

Scan Document to PDF

Portable Document Format (PDF) is good at compression. That’s why most of us prefer to keep their important scanned documents in PDF format instead of Jpeg or other formats.

If your scanner is saving your documents automatically to PDF format, then there is no problem. If not, then you have to change the printer properties to make the scanned document to be saved in PDF format.

For example let’s see how to change settings in Samsung SCX-4521 Printer. My printer is saving the scanned documents to Jpeg Format, let’s change the format to PDF automatically.

Power on the Printer and go to Start Menu>> All Programs>>Samsung Printer>>Printer Setting Utility.

On the Scan Settings - send Adobe Reader from ‘Available Scan Destinations’ to ‘Front Panel Destinations List’.

Make Sure the Adobe Reader is in the top of the list using up button as shown above. Then use “Send” option to apply the settings.

From now on wards whenever you have scanned a document the document will appear in PDF format only.

Note: This post is applicable for Samsung SCX-4521 printer series only. Though paths and options may change for various printers, the principle of the options is common for any printer.

7 Mar 2013

Convert MS Office 2007,2009 files to MS Office 2003

You may know that we can't access any of the 'MS Office 2007 or later version' files in 'MS office 2003 or previous versions' unless we convert them though software or online converters.

If you are using MS Office 2003 for you should also use Microsoft Compatibility Pack. This is the Simple & Best converter provided by Microsoft. This patch will do the following things.

Converts .xlsx to .xls (Excel)

Converts .docx to .doc (Word)
Converts .pptx to .ppt (Power Point)..etc
Installation Process: 

Download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.

Open downloaded .exe file (37MB)

Accept the terms and conditions and continue.

Installer asks for Restart..Click OK. Once the system restarted your software is ready to use.

Now to test the software I'm opening .xlsx(MS Office 2009) file in MS Office 2003. A popup shows the conversion is taking place,

Now you need not to use any of the following keywords in Google to wast your time.

Converts .xlsx to .xls 
Converts .docx to .doc
Converts .pptx to .ppt

Note: This software won't actually converts 2007 to 2003, but makes it readable and editable in 2003.

Simple Solution for Error 1814

While installing VLC Media Player in windows-7, I have received an error ‘Unable to Elevate, Error 1814’.

This error occurs due to User account Control. To overcome the error…Right click on the VLC Media player .exe file and select Run as administrator.

Now the installation file can be run.

3 Mar 2013

IDE Hard Disk Pins Broken & Bent - Solution

One of my system's IDE hard disk has a loose data connection so I gave a chance to my friend to fix the problem.

Unfortunately he broke two of the IDE Pins by applying some additional force while removing the cable. And simply said the drive will no longer work.

I have some important data to recover, after making a few phone calls I came up with a solution and I feel worth sharing with you.


My IDE Hard Disk has two type of pin problems 'one pin was broken' & 'another pin is bent'

For the bent pin: If your pins are bent as shown below.... 

You can use a Pincet or Needle-nose pliers to make it straight. Be careful not to bent them repeatedly as there is a possibility of braking pins.

For Broken Pin

Either you can remove the shell of the hard disk and solder a new pin (or) place sewing pin in the IDE Cable itself to make a power connection.

This solution & pictures are provided to us by Arem.us

Try this tricks only if your Data is not that important.

If you don't want to try any experiments on your Hard Drive take it to the nearest Chip level specialist so he will do the rest of work for you.

1 Mar 2013

Change Blogger Logo

There is one disadvantage with blogs. They look cheap when compared to websites (you know.. Commercially).

To make a Blog look like a website, you have to change everything that a common blog consists.. Including Blogger Logo.

For god sake we can easily change Logo in blogger. To change the blogger logo, follow the following steps.

Go to http://www.blogger.com/ and your enter ID & Password to see Blogger Dashboard.

Now Go to Layout and choose Edit option on Favicon.

Then it is very simple, what all you need your logo image (It can be anything) with two simple rules.

     1. Image should be a Square Image. If your image is not square you can make a square image using Microsoft Picture Manager. 
    2. Image size should be less than 100 KB. If your Logo Image is above 100 KB use MS Paint to Reduce Image Size.

After having a Square Image within 100KB size you can upload in Favicon and Save.

Now save arrangements once and view you blog. No more Blogger Logo, which makes it more similar to a website.

Making a Square Image using Microsoft Picture Manager

Recently I have changed my Blogger logo to ‘DD’ (Da Decoder) using Favicon. Blogger or Domain both needs a square image to add logo.

Here are the simple steps to make an Image or photo Square.

Right click on the image and select 'Open With' and choose ‘Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Picture manager opens with your image then go to Picture>> Crop

1. On the task panel you can see Original Dimensions and New Dimensions.
2. Adjust crop handlers carefully till ‘Left-Right’ & ‘Top-Bottom’ Dimensions become equal.
3. Make sure you do the cropping to the center of the image (or) your desired position of the image.

If your New Dimensions of the image are equal then your image is squarer. Click OK and save your square image.

Now you can use this square picture for your website or blog as Logo.