25 Feb 2013

Recover Virus Infected Hidden Files from Pen Drive or Flash Drive

For Advanced users:
open cmd
type i: (Your Drive Letter) and enter
type attrib -s -h /s /d *.* and press enter

Below post is just a brief for the above command.

Today my Pen Drive is hit by a series of Trojan Virus, so I use Avast to clear the virus.

After scan is completed I found the Flash Drive is completely empty with no data at all.

But used disc space is showing a lot of data.

I tried ‘Show Hidden files’ option in ‘Folder Options’ but No use

I did some research and came to know that these files are hidden by Trojan Viruses within registry values.

This behavior can be changed using Command Prompt. Let’s see how it works.

Open Run (Win+R) and type cmd and press Enter.

A command Prompt will appear, type cd\ and hit enter.. This command will let the command applicable to Root directories and sub folders also.

Not type I: and Enter {Note: Type your driver letter in the place of I. (ex H, G.. etc}

Type dir/ah and Enter. This Command useful to identify the directories effected by the viruses.

Now type attrib –h –s /s /d and hit Enter [attrib –h{space}-s{space}/s{space}/d]

After a few seconds you can see your driver letter again this means the process is completed.

No I got all my data back.

     This process is applicable not only for Pen Drive or Flash dives like External Hard Disc, but also applicable for your system drives also.

    After applying this command, some of the strange folders you have never seen may appear but don't worry, they are system related files, just hide them if you don't want or try delete if possible.

23 Feb 2013

How to Backup and Restore D-Link Modem Router Configuration

This post is very useful for those who don’t know how to configure Router. 

This trick works on two simple simple tips.
  1. Taking Backup when the Router is Working well.
  2. Restoring when Router Configuration Fails.

If you don’t know how to configure your router, call in the tech-guy and let him configure.

After everything working fine, take a backup of your configuration settings using simple steps mentioned below.

1. Taking Backup when the Router is Working well:

Open any browser (Chrome if better) and type your 'Default Router IP Address' ( and press Enter.

By Default User Name is ‘admin’ and Password is ‘admin’ and Log In.

After Log In go to Management>> Settings>>Backup

Click on Backup Settings to a Safe Place and save it.

Now taking backup is completed.

Note: Make sure you do all these things only when your internet is working properly.

2. Restoring when Router Configuration Fails:

You can use your saved 'configuration settings' to Re-Configure your router, in case router configuration is corrupted.

Open your D-Link Router as shown in the first two steps.

Now go to  Management>> Settings>>Restore Default and click on Restore Default. Click OK on the confirmation popup

Now wait for 2 min to take effect back to 'Factory Default Settings'.

After a couple of minutes close and Re-open the D-Link Router as shown in the first two steps.

Now Go to Management>> Settings>>Update. Click on Choose File and select your back up file (.conf) and click on update settings.

This will take a couple of minutes and you can close the browser.

you can check your internet connection now...

Tip: Although locations & Paths are different for various Routers & Modems, this configuration technique of 'Backup and Restore' works for all the Routers. So never need to wait for a technician. 

Audio Video Resync in KMPlayer

This is an easy guide to correct Audio Video Recync, commonly known as ‘Lip Sink problem'.

If your movie having any of the following problems you can correct them using KMP Player.
  • ·         Audio Coming Before Video
  • ·         Video Coming Before Audio

Open the video file in KMP Player and play the movie till you see plenty of close up conversations, so you can easily identify how much difference is there between Video and Audio.

Right Click anywhere on the screen and Playback>> Audio Resync.

You can see several options like

  • Resync Audio     :-0.5 & +0.5 Seconds
  • Resync Audio     :-50  & +50 milli seconds            
  • Resync Audio     :-5    & +5 milli seconds
  • Resync Audio     : Manual

Use seconds if too much variation between Audio and Video, after adjusted in seconds you can use milli seconds for more perfect synchronizing. Use Audio Steam Delay (the last option in the list) if you want.

Here comes the tricky part.. Which option should we use to adjust our Audio Video variations!!.
  •    Negative (-) value makes audio to play Early 
  •     Positive (+) value makes audio to play Delay

20 Feb 2013

Alternate Solution for IDM Error HTTP:/1.1 403 Forbidden

Have you ever seen this error on IDM (Internet Download Manager)! Then you came to the right place.

Recently I’m working on a small project which requires a lot of Youtube videos. So I started downloading using IDM to make things easier and faster.

But this Error “The Server Replies that you don’t have permission to download this file.. Details HTTP:/1.1 403 Forbidden”.

I tried deleting cookies, using CC Cleaner, changing browser versions..etc. But couldn't find a perfect solution for this problem.

But I came up with a perfect ALTERNATE for this problem. Let’s see how it works.

Open http://www.keepvid.com/ and make sure you have installed Java in your system, if not Download Java and install.

Copy the YouTube URL and Past and click download.

If browser asks for Plug in Confirmation accept for all the popup.

Then you’ll receive different formats list to download.

Choose any one and click on it then you will received the Download permission option from browser close it and click on IDM Download confirmation bar.

Sorry to say once I found the exact solution I’ll let you know.. till than you have to use these alternate sources only..

Note: IDM 6.15 Build 5 is working without any errors. You can download and try.

16 Feb 2013

Nero - There is not enough space available to burn the image

I hope you do know how to copy CD to CD or DVD to DVD using Nero.

While copying CD or DVD, Nero will save the Data to your Hard Disc as an Image File, which will be auto deleted after process is completed.

If the location of the Image file doesn't have sufficient space, then Nero won’t continue copying.
In this post I’ll show you how to avoid such scenario.

I have inserted my disc which needed to be copied and using Nero Express ‘Copy Entire DVD’ option I’m copying the disc.

I choose the speed and number of copies as per my requirement and did not consider  about the location of the Image File.

Boom.. There is not enough space available to burn the image. This error came because there is no sufficient space in that location. And the disc will pop out.

To avoid such problem, start the copying the Disc again. This time we will choose the Image Location.

Click on the Image File Location and Choose My Computer in Detailed view (Detailed view helps to find our available space easily).  Choose the Drive with maximum space availability.

In the above snap shot I choose ‘C’ Drive as it is having maximum free space. Now you can copy your disc without any problem.

13 Feb 2013

Add Shortcut Buttons in MS Word 2007 & 2009

Each one has a different purpose of using MS Word, for example i use it for Macros. In MS Office 2007 and above versions we can add shortcuts & Quick access buttons as per our requirement.

‘Quick Access panel’ enables us to add shortcuts in MS Word.

This panel is on Top Left side of the MS Word.

Save, Undo, Redo options are enabled by default, you can add the remaining as per your requirement (like Quick Print, Print Preview Etc).

For more options you can customize the panel. To customize open ­'More Commands…'

Select ‘All Commands’ from ‘Choose Commands option’ (or else you can choose the option as per your requirement.

Select the option from the list and click Add and OK.

 If you don't want the shortcut on MS office just right click on it and select 'Remove from Quick Access Toolbar' 

12 Feb 2013

‘Always on Top’ for KMPlayer and VLC players

The use of Always on Top option is very simple, you can do your work without pausing the video you are watching.

The most common players I personally use are KMPlayer and VLC Player. In this post we will see hot to play the video always on top.


While playing the movie click on the anchor symbol on the Title Bar beside search browser option.

There are three options in this button which are as below. 

 Always on Top: Never
Always on Top: Always
 Always on Top: While playing


VLC Player

While playing the video go to Video>> Always on Top

That is all I have to say about dam VLC Player.