20 Feb 2013

Alternate Solution for IDM Error HTTP:/1.1 403 Forbidden

Have you ever seen this error on IDM (Internet Download Manager)! Then you came to the right place.

Recently I’m working on a small project which requires a lot of Youtube videos. So I started downloading using IDM to make things easier and faster.

But this Error “The Server Replies that you don’t have permission to download this file.. Details HTTP:/1.1 403 Forbidden”.

I tried deleting cookies, using CC Cleaner, changing browser versions..etc. But couldn't find a perfect solution for this problem.

But I came up with a perfect ALTERNATE for this problem. Let’s see how it works.

Open http://www.keepvid.com/ and make sure you have installed Java in your system, if not Download Java and install.

Copy the YouTube URL and Past and click download.

If browser asks for Plug in Confirmation accept for all the popup.

Then you’ll receive different formats list to download.

Choose any one and click on it then you will received the Download permission option from browser close it and click on IDM Download confirmation bar.

Sorry to say once I found the exact solution I’ll let you know.. till than you have to use these alternate sources only..

Note: IDM 6.15 Build 5 is working without any errors. You can download and try.


  1. thanx a lot. ^^ you are brilliant !

  2. Using IDM 6.16 B3. Dint work on Chrome but worked well on Firefox

  3. its work... i knew it before..
    thats copyright blocked videos...
    the question is why keepvid can download it although our browser can watch that videos directly?

    sorry my bad english

  4. I've download the java ,I've copy the youtube URL,I've been waiting keepvid to fetching the links but the download list wasn't comin, what do I do?????

    1. After installing JAVA you have to give permission to your browser to use it.. Usually our browsers will block the Java Applet.. To Enable it

      Check Left or Right Corner of your browser Address bar
      Double click on any notification and you can enable the java from there

  5. the download list wasn't coming up

    1. W8 for few seconds..If still don't appear means your file is getting downloaded without your permission.

      You have to enable "Ask where to save each file before downloading" option in your browser to do the trick.

    2. I know this is old comment but excuse me. :)

      Sometimes the list won't appear because the actual video is deleted, blocked, or private. Please check the youtube page again. If the video is exist maybe the problem is with the Java (very unlikely though) or slow connection. Try using keepvid with Java mode off.

  6. useless, i want to download a 5GB , not a VIDEO!!!

  7. go to hell, I want to download it form idm

  8. it not work in firefox......need help

  9. thank you mr.venkat

  10. cant i download via idm directly..?

  11. how to use this keepvid in windows 8.1?? java doesn`t run on windows 8.1


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