7 Mar 2013

Convert MS Office 2007,2009 files to MS Office 2003

You may know that we can't access any of the 'MS Office 2007 or later version' files in 'MS office 2003 or previous versions' unless we convert them though software or online converters.

If you are using MS Office 2003 for you should also use Microsoft Compatibility Pack. This is the Simple & Best converter provided by Microsoft. This patch will do the following things.

Converts .xlsx to .xls (Excel)

Converts .docx to .doc (Word)
Converts .pptx to .ppt (Power Point)..etc
Installation Process: 

Download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.

Open downloaded .exe file (37MB)

Accept the terms and conditions and continue.

Installer asks for Restart..Click OK. Once the system restarted your software is ready to use.

Now to test the software I'm opening .xlsx(MS Office 2009) file in MS Office 2003. A popup shows the conversion is taking place,

Now you need not to use any of the following keywords in Google to wast your time.

Converts .xlsx to .xls 
Converts .docx to .doc
Converts .pptx to .ppt

Note: This software won't actually converts 2007 to 2003, but makes it readable and editable in 2003.

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