9 Jan 2013

Reduce Image File Size using MS Paint

Open your image in MS Paint
Press Ctrl+W
Give 50/50 for first 2 options
ans save image in JPEG format.

This is for regular users.. If not understood just read the following...

Most of us may have faced this problem with photo file size, mostly during sending an E-Mail. As most of our E-Mail providers won’t let us to attach file size of more than 10MB this will be a bigger problem.

To reduce the image file size most of us uses a software like Photoshop or goes for online converters. The problem with these solutions is both consume lot of time (Ex. To Download and installation of software)

Most common reasons for huge file size are (a) Image Quality (b) Image Format. Here, we can deal with both of these problems using nothing but MS Paint

Quality: Some of our cameras or scanners are with high ‘DPI’ causing huge file size. To Decrease size you have to reduce some quality for sure. To do so.. do the following steps..

Open your image in MS Paint. Usually Right Click on the image and click Edit.. This will be shortcut to open image in paint, or else open MS Paint (type mspaint in Run and enter) and open your image file

Go to >> Image >> Stretch/ Skew (or else just use Ctrl+W)

In The stretch Column Give Horizontal ‘50’ and Vertical ‘50’ (These values are not fixed but you can learn after few experiments on few images) and hit ‘OK’…. Now you can see the image a little bit smaller than previous one

Format: The best compressed image format if ‘JPEG’ remaining ‘GiF’, ‘TIFF’ etc will consume lot of disc space.

So you have to use ‘save as’ option and save in JPEG format. See the process below.

Now you can see the HUGE difference between previous and present images.


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