8 Jan 2013

Make Folder INVISIBLE without Hiding

Do you know how to hide the folder! Of course- walk in the park. Right!

But the problem with hiding folder option is, anyone can access it by using ‘show hidden folder option’.

There is a way we can make your folder INVISIBLE without actually hiding it. In this process what you actually do is just change the folder icon to a blank icon.

See the following steps..

Right Click on the folder you want make invisible.

Now Rename the folder with a space (You have to hold ALT key and type 0160). Now your folder has No Name.

Your folder should be look like this.

Right click on the folder >> Properties >> Customize >> Change Icon.

In Change Icon option Scroll a bit till you find an empty spaces, Click any one of them.

Then OK.. Aplly.. Ok

Abracadabra.. Your folder became invisible.

Note:  Of course.. like there are several counter tricks for this one also, but worth knowing. Isn’t it!

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