16 Feb 2013

Nero - There is not enough space available to burn the image

I hope you do know how to copy CD to CD or DVD to DVD using Nero.

While copying CD or DVD, Nero will save the Data to your Hard Disc as an Image File, which will be auto deleted after process is completed.

If the location of the Image file doesn't have sufficient space, then Nero won’t continue copying.
In this post I’ll show you how to avoid such scenario.

I have inserted my disc which needed to be copied and using Nero Express ‘Copy Entire DVD’ option I’m copying the disc.

I choose the speed and number of copies as per my requirement and did not consider  about the location of the Image File.

Boom.. There is not enough space available to burn the image. This error came because there is no sufficient space in that location. And the disc will pop out.

To avoid such problem, start the copying the Disc again. This time we will choose the Image Location.

Click on the Image File Location and Choose My Computer in Detailed view (Detailed view helps to find our available space easily).  Choose the Drive with maximum space availability.

In the above snap shot I choose ‘C’ Drive as it is having maximum free space. Now you can copy your disc without any problem.

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