23 Feb 2013

Audio Video Resync in KMPlayer

This is an easy guide to correct Audio Video Recync, commonly known as ‘Lip Sink problem'.

If your movie having any of the following problems you can correct them using KMP Player.
  • ·         Audio Coming Before Video
  • ·         Video Coming Before Audio

Open the video file in KMP Player and play the movie till you see plenty of close up conversations, so you can easily identify how much difference is there between Video and Audio.

Right Click anywhere on the screen and Playback>> Audio Resync.

You can see several options like

  • Resync Audio     :-0.5 & +0.5 Seconds
  • Resync Audio     :-50  & +50 milli seconds            
  • Resync Audio     :-5    & +5 milli seconds
  • Resync Audio     : Manual

Use seconds if too much variation between Audio and Video, after adjusted in seconds you can use milli seconds for more perfect synchronizing. Use Audio Steam Delay (the last option in the list) if you want.

Here comes the tricky part.. Which option should we use to adjust our Audio Video variations!!.
  •    Negative (-) value makes audio to play Early 
  •     Positive (+) value makes audio to play Delay


  1. Thanx mate ... :)

  2. Thank you for your guide, it helped me a lot... :)

  3. thanks for the assist it helps me too

  4. hi i have format my pen drive many times directly and with DOS also bt it is still corrupt my files regularly please give me the proper solution as soon as possible

  5. Thanks with the Great KMPlayer audio video resync tutorial. Really helpful

  6. i hav one vdo file which has 7 mins late audio, i tried the method u say as it is but it can max up to 50 ms but i want the audio to play 7 mins before , wat can i do????

  7. not working , km player very kiri


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