24 Mar 2013

Scan Document to PDF

Portable Document Format (PDF) is good at compression. That’s why most of us prefer to keep their important scanned documents in PDF format instead of Jpeg or other formats.

If your scanner is saving your documents automatically to PDF format, then there is no problem. If not, then you have to change the printer properties to make the scanned document to be saved in PDF format.

For example let’s see how to change settings in Samsung SCX-4521 Printer. My printer is saving the scanned documents to Jpeg Format, let’s change the format to PDF automatically.

Power on the Printer and go to Start Menu>> All Programs>>Samsung Printer>>Printer Setting Utility.

On the Scan Settings - send Adobe Reader from ‘Available Scan Destinations’ to ‘Front Panel Destinations List’.

Make Sure the Adobe Reader is in the top of the list using up button as shown above. Then use “Send” option to apply the settings.

From now on wards whenever you have scanned a document the document will appear in PDF format only.

Note: This post is applicable for Samsung SCX-4521 printer series only. Though paths and options may change for various printers, the principle of the options is common for any printer.

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