23 Jan 2013

Secured Browsing

One of my friend was running an Internet Café. He requested a post to save his customers privacy, as most of the users don’t know how to be secured when they are using internet (especially non personal PC).

As per my knowledge three most popular browsers for internet surfing are Firefox, Google Chrome & Internet Explorer.

If you made small changes in the privacy settings to your system then anyone using your pc is secured. Let me tell you about individual browsers.

Mozilla Firefox: 
One of the open source web browser developed by Google.

To change Firefox privacy settings follow the following steps (I’m showing you 18.0 version)

Always make sure no one see what you have seen after you left the PC.

Firefox allows this with simple option called ‘Clear History When Firefox Closed’. Go to Tools >> Options >> Privacy >> Use Custom Settings for History >> Clear History When Firefox Closed. Make sure you have enabled it.

And on the settings column beside this option, select settings and make sure you have enabled all the options.

Next go to Security >> Password >> Deselect both Remember Password and Master Password


Another Freeware web browser developed by 

I was worried because Chrome options are getting changed for version to version. I can tell you about the one I was using (Version 23.0).

To change privacy settings go to  ‘Customize Chrome’ option below the close button of the browser and go for settings >> Show Advanced Settings (at the bottom) >> go for Privacy
Disable both ‘Autofill’ & ‘Save Password’ on the ‘password and forms’ option as shown in the figure.

Now go to Content Settings on the privacy and Cookies Select ‘Keep Local Data until I quit my browser’.

Internet Explorer: 

One of the oldest and worst browser developed by Microsoft.

Go to Tools >> Internet Options >> Content >> Auto Complete >> Settings

Disable All the options appear there like Web Address, Forms, Passwords…
That’s it your system is safe for browsing for fresher’s and friends.

You can use Third party software like “CC Cleaner” to delete all the records you have gone through.

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