27 Mar 2013

Ad-Free Browsing with Add Blocker Plus

We can understand that every website needs advertising to survive. Some of them like Facebook provide clean ads, whereas some of the sites including YouTube are encouraging non standard porn advertisings & pop-ups.

If you frustrated of these annoying commercials, adds & pop-ups then it is time to installed Add Blocker Plus for Chrome and Firefox.

How Add Blocker Works? 

The hard work of this application is actually done by Gecko, the engine on which Firefox, Thunderbird and other applications are built. It allows "content Policies" a simple JavaScript (or C++) objects that gets whenever the browser needs to load something. It can then looks at the address that should be loaded and some other data and decides whether it should be allowed. There are a number of built-in content policies and any extension can register one. So all that Add Blocker has to do is to register its content policy. Other than that there is only application logic to decide which addresses to block and user interface code to allow configure of filters.

  • Completely Free & Secured Browsing
  • You can view any site without a single advertising or Popup.
  • Add Blocker Plus is much more advanced and it also prevents flash player advertisings such as video commercials on YouTube.
  • Compatible with download software like IDM
  • Applicable for every website and bloggers

Installing Add Blocker Plus to Chrome & Firefox:

For Chrome:

Installation is very simple as it is just an extension on our browsers.
Open to Add Blocker Plus for Chrome and click Add to Chrome.

That’s it Add Blocker Plus is added to your Chrome browser.

For Firefox: 

This is also much similar to chrome extension.
Open Mozilla Add-ons and click on Add to Firefox button. Click on Allow if Firefox asks for any confirmation. After a few seconds of download install the extension.

Your Firefox is also ready for Add Blocker extension use.

Note: Although the extension if completely free, in both of the cases you may promoted to contribute some funds for development. You can ignore if you don’t want to.

Feel the Difference:

Let me show you some of the websites before and after Add Blocker.

        Before Add Blocker                                             After Add Blocker

           Before Add Blocker                                              After Add Blocker

Request: Don't keep the this extension only with you, share with your friends and let them enjoy the add free browsing

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