1 Mar 2013

Change Blogger Logo

There is one disadvantage with blogs. They look cheap when compared to websites (you know.. Commercially).

To make a Blog look like a website, you have to change everything that a common blog consists.. Including Blogger Logo.

For god sake we can easily change Logo in blogger. To change the blogger logo, follow the following steps.

Go to http://www.blogger.com/ and your enter ID & Password to see Blogger Dashboard.

Now Go to Layout and choose Edit option on Favicon.

Then it is very simple, what all you need your logo image (It can be anything) with two simple rules.

     1. Image should be a Square Image. If your image is not square you can make a square image using Microsoft Picture Manager. 
    2. Image size should be less than 100 KB. If your Logo Image is above 100 KB use MS Paint to Reduce Image Size.

After having a Square Image within 100KB size you can upload in Favicon and Save.

Now save arrangements once and view you blog. No more Blogger Logo, which makes it more similar to a website.


  1. hai! i tried to change the logo. but i couldn't! how? what to do? pls help!

    1. Let me know where do you stuck..then we can do something on it...

  2. men this we call Favicon not Logo


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