3 Mar 2013

IDE Hard Disk Pins Broken & Bent - Solution

One of my system's IDE hard disk has a loose data connection so I gave a chance to my friend to fix the problem.

Unfortunately he broke two of the IDE Pins by applying some additional force while removing the cable. And simply said the drive will no longer work.

I have some important data to recover, after making a few phone calls I came up with a solution and I feel worth sharing with you.


My IDE Hard Disk has two type of pin problems 'one pin was broken' & 'another pin is bent'

For the bent pin: If your pins are bent as shown below.... 

You can use a Pincet or Needle-nose pliers to make it straight. Be careful not to bent them repeatedly as there is a possibility of braking pins.

For Broken Pin

Either you can remove the shell of the hard disk and solder a new pin (or) place sewing pin in the IDE Cable itself to make a power connection.

This solution & pictures are provided to us by Arem.us

Try this tricks only if your Data is not that important.

If you don't want to try any experiments on your Hard Drive take it to the nearest Chip level specialist so he will do the rest of work for you.


  1. Pins are so delecate, still I don't feel safe and comfortable straightening bent pins.

    1. That's Why I Told this post is for experimenters only. If the Data is important for your then don't think on anything else.. Go directly to the specialist and take the back up.


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