27 Mar 2013

IDM Error - Permission Denied. Please check your firewall settings

For Advanced Users: (Simple explaination)
Add an exception to IDM in AVG  Firewall
For step by step procedure follow the following steps

This post is about another IDM Error ..” Permission Denied. Please check your firewall settings and ensure that IDM has permits to access the Internet. Details: Cannot connect r17---maa03s08.c.youtube.com:80 ”.

I have seen this error first time and came to know the solution very easily. Because this IDM Error is coming since I removed my Avast Anty Virus and Installed AVG Internet Security 2013.

To get rid of this error we have to simply turn off the AVG Anty Virus Firewall which is not good for your System Security.

That's why we add firewall exception for IDM software only.
To Add exception for IDM in AVG firewall Click on Firewall on the interface of AVG.
Go to Change option on Firewall Mode:
Go to Applications>>and click on Add to add Internet Download Manager Path.
Add path of the program (usually available in C: Program Files) using browse button. Name will appear automatically and you can leave Description as blank. Click on Create.

If the Application Access showing as Allow click OK.

Note: If you are not using some other instead of AVG You can try the same procedure to resolve the error.


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    your post is really match with my problem...
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  3. thankyouuuu...... :)

  4. you done great job thanks man

  5. Done like 500 times and it's always on allow even without changing it , but it keeps giving me the error :(

    1. One word "Uninstall the God Dam Anty Virus"..haaa 5 words or something like that..hehe

    2. just make the firewall disable :) dat will solve the issue for sure and you will not have to uninstall the antivirus :)

    3. That's the pro bro... in most of the cases even your firewall can't stop this popup. because there will be another firewall in your antyvirus.. that's why we have to add exception for sure.

  6. Thanks a lot!

  7. is there any way to solve this problem when i dont have admin. previlage ?
    pls help i am trying touse this trick in my college

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  9. thanks for your cooperation.......... from Malik

  10. thank you mate!!! good work. these F**kin avg everytime blocks this application

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    Aalia lyon

  12. you expect everyone has AVG...what a bunch of fuckwits

    1. As I mention at the end of the troubleshoot.. Although you are using various Antyviruses, you just go to Firewall option and disable it budy.. You don't expect me to guide you like a kindergarten kid..!


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